Biomes Bundle of Notebooking Pages, Vocabulary Cards, and Sorting Mats

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This Bundle contains the following three products:

Biome Notebooking Pages

Grab a few books about biomes, download these notebooking pages and you have seven months worth of science activities!!

Included are a five page overview of habitats and biomes and then seven biomes, each with the following pages. Print the biomes and specific pages you need, grab some books about that biome and get started! Biomes included are: desert, grasslands, oceans, fresh water, tundra, rain forest, and other forests.

Fill-in-the-blank page of basic information about that biome.

Vocabulary pages

Page to list threats to that biome

Research an animal (print one for each animal you want to research)

Research a plant (print one for each plant you want to research)

Food Web

Research a particular location of that biome (print one for each place you want to research)

Biome Vocabulary Concept of the Day Cards

Learning lots of words and concepts associated with a topic can be overwhelming.  But, these biome vocabulary cards make it easy!  Each day you will show your children the picture and the word for that day’s card and read the short description on the back.

Each set is designed to teach vocabulary, concepts, plants and animals for one biome each month. There are a set of 30 cards for each of the following biomes: deserts, tundra, rain forests, other forests, oceans, fresh water and grasslands. Students will love the full color photos.

Biome Sorting Mats

This hands-on sorting activity is meant to accompany your teaching materials about biomes and will help your students review the differences between seven different biomes (desert, ocean, fresh water, grasslands, tundra, rain forest, boreal/broadleaf forests). There are 8 cards for each biome containing a landscape picture, animals, plants, and other related vocabulary. It is a great activity for visual, auditory and tactile-kinesthetic learners. You may also use it to assess student’s knowledge at the end of a unit on biomes.

158 pages

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grades


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