Christmas Market Math Project and Game



Do your children have budding entrepreneurial skills?  Or maybe you want to inspire some?

This fun project and game allows your children to pretend they are ornament booth owners at a Christmas Market, all while practicing a variety of math skills!  (This resource is part of our Christmas Math Project and Game Bundle.)

Project: The first part of this resource gives directions for setting up a store in your home, classroom or co-op with either crafts your children have made or paper ornaments you can print out from resource.  There is a sign, an inventory list, and receipts for your children to use while they ‘sell’ their ornaments.  They will use addition skills, practice making change, and even try some multiplication skills if they use the inventory list to predict their potential earnings.  This activity will provide hours of fun throughout the Christmas season!

Game: Another way to experience being a business owner at a Christmas Market is to play the board game included in the resource.  Players take turns moving around the board, buying ornament booths and selling ornaments from those booths to other players.

The Gift and Grinch cards make this game extra fun and introduce the players to the realities of owning a business.  Land on a Gift space, pick a Gift card and learn something that is going well with the business and reap the rewards.  But…land on a Grinch space, pick a Grinch card and learn all the things that might not go as planned and how they affect your business.  These cards can lead to all sorts of discussions about what it is like to run a business!

This resource includes:

Printable Christmas Ornament with and without prices.

Printable tags for pricing your own crafts.

Store sign.

Inventory list and receipts

Printable Board Game

12 Ornament Booths for Early Math Skills (multiples of whole and half dollars)

12 Ornament Books for more Advanced Skills (dollars + cents in multiples of five)

Gift and Grinch Cards

Money and Game Pieces (Will need a dice to play the game.  Not included.)

Grab these activities now and have fun all Christmas long!

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24 Pages

K-4th Grade (Although older kids will enjoy the game, too!)


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