Entertainer Unit Studies: Lucille Ball, Jim Henson, and Walt Disney



Looking for some unit studies that will provide fun learning opportunities for you and your children?

This bundle of three Entertainer Unit Studies will introduce your children to three famous people in American history as well as the art forms of comedy, puppetry, and animation!

The bundle contains a Walt Disney Unit Study, a Jim Henson Unit Study, and a Lucille Ball Unit Study.

Your children will build their reading comprehension skills while learning about Lucille Ball, Jim Henson and Walt Disney.  Or the books can be completed through read alouds, which will build your children’s listening comprehension skills. Links to videos and virtual museum tours will further your family’s learning of each person.

Then, you will explore each person’s work by watching their TV shows and movies!  Notetaking sheets will help you analyze different techniques each entertainer used to convey their stories to the viewers.

Finally, resources and printables will help your children take everything they have learned and create work similar to each entertainer.

Vocabulary exercises, a timeline and a short quiz round out the learning materials included in each study.

Each unit study takes approximately three weeks to complete, but that highly depends on how much time you decide to devote to each section.  Some children may want to spend more time exploring the movies and TV shows and/or creating their own comedy sketches, puppet shows, and animation projects.

When you buy this product you will receive three separate pdf files, one for each entertainer.  These files include all the printables, book, TV show and movie lists, and links to videos and other online resources.

3rd – 8th grades

77 pages


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