A Mount Everest Unit Study



Your family will have so much fun learning about Mount Everest and related topics with this unit study based upon books, videos, hands-on projects and fun printables!  Here is what is included:

Research and Learn: Links to videos, websites, book, and movies to help you learn about Mount Everest.

Notebooking Pages: Print the topics you would like and use with the books you choose to read.

Following Directions Around Mount Everest: Learn more about climbing Mount Everest and practice listening skills.

Timeline: Students may write on timeline or cut and glue events provided.

Word Scramble: Review vocabulary words related to Mount   Everest.

Compare and Contrast the Tallest Mountains on Each Continent:   Complete the chart and then answer the comparison questions.

Fun Activities: Hands on projects, including a fun recipe.

Mountain Climber Craft

Writing Prompt with Graphic Organizer: Write an opinion essay about whether people should climb Mount Everest.

Plan a Trip: List what would be needed for a trip to climb Mount Everest and research how much each item would cost.

Quiz About Mount Everest: Seven-question, multiple-choice quiz about what you have learned.

Answer keys provided.

38 Pages

Grades 3rd-8th, although younger children could be included in many activities.


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