Seasonal Number Sense Packets for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

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These fun, seasonal-themed packets contain the materials, games, and worksheets you need to help your children build their early number sense. They will provide your children the opportunity to explore how numbers relate to each other and learn all of their addition and subtraction facts.  You can read LOTS of helpful, related information in Developing Number Sense in Your Children.


Subitizing worksheets and games.

Number sense manipulatives.

Three levels of Number of the Day worksheets.

Hundreds charts for skip counting and filling in the blanks.

Games to teach how to derive addition and subtraction facts such as make 5 and 10, doubles addition and one and two more and less than.  Once children learn these facts, it is much easier to learn the others.

Games for practicing all addition and subtraction facts.

Roll and graph activity with questions.

Story problems.

Also included is the Evergreen Number Sense Packet, which contains additional materials to be used throughout the year to build number sense.

700 pages total

K, 1st grade


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