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Homeschool Literature Curriculum Review: Literary Adventures for Kids

*I received the homeschool literature curriculum, Literary Adventures for Kids’ Clubhouse Membership, for one year and a small fee in exchange for this review.  However, the opinions expressed are solely my own.  This post also contains affiliate links for your convenience.*

Picking a great book and building a whole unit around it is a great way to learn in our homeschools.  We can weave in history, art, science, writing and more!

But pulling together a homeschool literature curriculum ourselves can be a lot of work.  Figuring out which books to read, finding appropriate videos on the various topics, and thinking of fun projects to go with the books takes a lot of time.

That is why I get so excited when I find a curriculum that pulls together resources around books in a similar way as I would.

Literary Adventures for Kids has been on my list of homeschool literature curriculum to check out and honestly I wish I had done it earlier in our homeschool career.  My 14-year-old has been working through The Boys in the Boat Online Book Club this spring as part of their Clubhouse Membership.  (Note: This course uses the Young Reader’s version of the book.)

I share all the details below about this homeschool literature curriculum, but spoiler…we have decided that we are going to use this membership as his English Language Arts class next year.

Pinnable Cover for the post Homeschool Literature Curriculum Review: Literary Adventures for Kids showing a picture of the front of the book Boys in the Boat sitting against a computer screen with a list of lessons.

What is an Online Book Club?

The Clubhouse Membership from Literary Adventures for Kids provides access to online book clubs for a variety of popular books.

Each book club is like a mini-literature course based around a single book.  The reading assignments are broken up for you so little planning is required on your part. There are suggested rabbit trails, hands-on projects, grammar work, a writing project and an end of book party in each course.  For the more nature-based books, there are also  related outdoor adventures.

Four printable pages, one for each week, showing a suggested schedule for the book club.

Our favorite part has been the “rabbit trails” of discovery.  We have learned so much about the Great Depression, rowing and more while reading The Boys in the Boat through curated videos linked within the membership. We have learned about Hoovervilles, Prohibition, the Civilian Conservation Corp, and the Dust Bowl.  We even watched footage from a 1934 regatta that the University of Washington competed in.  These videos are help my son build background knowledge so he can understand the story better.

We have also had a chance to practice our geography with prompts and links to find and learn about the different places that are in the book.  And each online book club has Charlotte Mason-styled grammar assignments throughout. These include copying sentences,  practice writing them, and memory work.  Students are encouraged to write down and look up unknown vocabulary words.  Sometimes there are videos included on specific grammar concepts such as sentence fragments or simple sentences.

There is a different writing project at the end of each book club, which includes lessons as well as an assignment.  For The Boys in the Boat, my son will learn about and write a persuasive essay.  Other book clubs have projects such as writing metaphors, creating a comic strip, or writing a story of a fantastic voyage.

Hands-on projects are scattered throughout the course.  In The Boys on the Boat, there are projects to create a small garden, volunteer at a soup kitchen, and cook a dinner.

At the end of the book are prompts to throw a party using food, decorations, and activities inspired by the book.  Through all these activities, I know my son will remember what he reads so much better than if he just read the book.

And if there are activities you don’t want to complete you can just skip them.  We did not create the small garden as suggested because we already have a garden and this is a familiar idea to our family.

Overall, The Boys on the Boat Book Club will take us about 6-7 weeks to complete.  We are reading roughly one chapter, completing one rabbit trail, and doing grammar work each day. But, the book club could easily be done in a month if you bumped your reading upto two chapters a day or included reading over the weekend.

Homeschool Literature Curriculum Membership

We are currently working through this Book Club inside of the Literary Adventures Clubhouse Premium Membership. However, one could purchase it as a stand alone course.

The Membership has 92 Pre-recorded Book Clubs for elementary and middle school students. Each month, one of the Book Clubs is chosen as the Live Book Club for that month.  This means each week members receive an email reminding them of that week’s assignments and at the end of the month there is a Live Zoom book club meeting.  Dachelle McVey, the founder of Literary Adventures for Kids, is known to dress up and use props for these Live Book Clubs so they are very engaging for students.  Click here if you would like to learn more about Dachelle.

Woman dressed as Winnie-the-Pooh holding up two Winnie-the Pooh books.

Some of the 92 Books Clubs are designated as being for Elementary School or Middle School and others were created to work for multiple grades.  There are five years worth of Book Clubs for elementary school and three years of books for middle school so families have plenty to choose from.

Families can decide each month whether they want to do the Live Book Club or one of the other Book Clubs in the membership.  Our plan for next year is to pick out books that appeal to my son from the Live Book Club calendar and then fill in months where the book is not as appealing to him with one of the other Book Clubs in the membership.

Find Out The Books For Next Year’s Live Book Clubs

In addition to these Book Clubs, there is also a Live Poetry Teatime each month and other Live Community Events.  Plus there are extra workshops and printables included. The most surprising perk, though, is that Dachelle hosts Live Instructor Office Hours each month!  I share details about each of these features below.

There is also a separate High School Membership, The Society of Literary Adventurers, with 42 Mini Courses and a Lite version with 36 Mini-Courses.  You can also purchase High School Courses separately from the Membership: Poetry and a Movie for High School (Semester Course or Full Year), American Classic Literature Series (Full Year), Shakespeare (Semester Course), British Classic Literature Series (Full Year), World Literature (Semester Course or Full Year), and Banned Books Literature Series (Full Year).

Poetry Tea Time

Each month, Dachelle hosts a live poetry teatime celebrating a particular poet within the membership.  She starts by sharing a poem by the poet that is being celebrated.  Then everyone learns a little bit about the poet.  Finally, everyone is encouraged to do a poetry-writing activity.  You can share your work in the group or just sit back and take it all in.

Live Teacher Office Hours

Dachelle offers her live office hours via Voxer, which is a free walkie-talkie type of app where you can exchange text and voice messages with her.  She offers these hours a couple full days each month and it is an opportunity for members to get feedback on using the homeschool literature curriculum with their children.

Other Membership Benefits

In addition to the homeschool literature curriculum, the Clubhouse Membership also includes eleven workshops that range from 14 to 48 minutes.  Topics include planning a Charlotte Mason homeschool, how to teach your children music, struggling readers and more.  And there is a printable nature journal and a  52-page printable to help you plan your own in-person book club if you would like.

Four printable pages from the Nature Journal.

What My Son Likes About This Homeschool Literature Curriculum

My son has really enjoyed The Boys in the Boat book.  I had a good feeling he would as my older son and I had read it several years ago and both loved it.  Plus it was great to read just a few months before the Summer Games! One of the things I really like about this Membership is there are so many books to choose from and we are never locked into pushing through a book we really just don’t like.

When I asked my son what specifically he liked in the Book Club, he said learning the history associated with the book through videos and clicking on the different links to learn about the different places in the book.  Geography has always been hard for him, so this is a great way for him to work on building knowledge in that area. I know he also enjoyed the gentle approach to learning grammar and growing his vocabulary.

Free Sample Courses

If Literary Adventures sounds like a homeschool curriculum that might work for your family, check out a sample Book Club for free, check out these courses: Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, Wonder, or Call of the Wild.

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