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Book Review: TEACH Creating Independently Responsible Learners by Dennis DiNoia

*I received the book, Teach by Dennis DiNoia, and a small fee in exchange for this book review.  However, the opinions expressed are solely my own.  This post also contains affiliate links for your convenience.*

One of our goals as homeschool parents is to help our children grow to be independently responsible learners.  In fact, this is often one of the top reasons families say they have chosen homeschooling over traditional schools.  But how do we teach our children to be independently responsible learners?

Dennis DiNoia of Mr. D’s Math has many of the answers for us!  He has pulled on his 30 year education career to write TEACH Creating Independently Responsible Learners for parents and students.  I just had a chance to read the book and wanted to share the details below.

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Who Should Read TEACH Creating Independently Responsible Learners?

TEACH is written for parents, students, and educators.  Parents will learn how to take a coaching role in their homeschools allowing their children to become responsible for their own learning.  Students will learn how to present themselves to others, what their learning style is, how to find what they are passionate about, and the benefits of having an accountability group.  Educators, including parents who teach in homeschool co-ops, will also be able to use the ideas in TEACH to create a learning environment that fosters independence.

Chapters 5, 7, 8, and 9 are geared specifically to the student and cover the topics mentioned above. Depending on the age of your children, I suggest reading these four chapters aloud with your children once you finish the book or handing the book off to older children with these four chapters marked for them to read.

About the Author, Dennis DiNoia

Now before you take advice from any book, you should determine whether the person giving the advice is worth listening to!  So let me tell you a bit about Dennis DiNoia…

Mr. DiNoia has been working in education for over 30 years and holds an MA in Education from the University of South Florida.  He started his career as a math teacher and had the opportunity to work in an alternative education program for struggling learners.  This led him to experiment with how to best reach these students and help them learn.

Which then led him to tutoring math students and eventually creating his own math program, Mr. D’s Math, which he now shares with homeschoolers all over the country.  I often see his math program recommended in homeschooling groups.

Easy to Read and Understand

Mr. DiNoia has written TEACH in the same conversational manner he uses to teach.  So, this is not one of those dry, textbook style books about how to teach your children.  This book about independently responsible learners has 11 chapters spread over just 136 pages and it is easy to read a chapter or two a day.  But still have a highlighter, pencil, and some page markers nearby because you will want to make notes and underline his concrete advice.

Full of How to Homeschool Techniques

Mr. DiNoia starts his book by defining what an independently responsible learner looks like and then gives concrete ideas on how to coach students to take on the responsibility of their learning.  These include coaching students to ask for support when they need it, check their own work and correct mistakes, and be able to teach others what they are learning.  There is an underlying focus on executive function skills throughout the book, which are so important for future success as an adult.

One chapter I found especially interesting was on testing.  Many of us homeschoolers, myself included, dislike the amount of testing in traditional schools so we have included very little in our own homeschools.  However, Mr. D points out all the different real life situations we encounter that are like tests and why helping our children learn how to respond to testing is crucial.  I definitely need to think through this chapter more.

He also emphasizes the need to find the question in a problem before you start trying to solve the problem.  He pulls on his years of teaching math in this section, but I can also see how this applies to many other areas of academics.  It is something I saw lots of students struggle with when I was working as a speech-language therapists.

So if you are looking for concrete ideas like these to help your children become independently responsible learners, then I suggest picking up a copy of TEACH and incorporating it into your homeschool!

My Video Review of TEACH by Dennis DiNoia