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Musical Instrument Classification

Music is such a fun topic to learn about in your homeschool, yet many of us feel at a loss about how to incorporate music into our learning.   A simple way to introduce music is by introducing different instruments to your children.  Videos are a perfect way to do this so your children can SEE how each instrument actually works.  And they can listen to beautiful music while watching.

Then, you can help them see similarities and differences between the instruments and sort them into groups.  Comparing, contrasting and categorizing are key skills children need to develop for all areas of life and sorting musical instruments is a fun way to develop those skills.

Our Musical Instrument Sorting Mats make it easy to incorporate this into your classroom or homeschool.  This post contains videos of 16 different instruments that correspond with the instruments in our sorting mats.

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There are four instruments for each group (woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings) for a total of 16 instruments.   Hope you enjoy!!

Woodwind Instruments

Clarinet: Uptown Funk 

Saxophone: All of Me

Flute: Shape of Me

Oboe: Roar

Sorting mats for woodwinds with definition and pictures of 4 different instruments.

Brass Instruments

Trombone: Star Wars Imperial March

Tuba: Pirates of the Caribbean

Trumpet: Despacito

French Horn: Wake Me Up

Sorting mats for brass woodwinds with definition and pictures of 4 different instruments.

String Instruments

Violin: When I Was Your Man

Guitar: Hello

Piano: What Makes You Beautiful 

Harp: Love Story

Sorting mats for strings with definition and pictures of 4 different instruments.

Percussion Instruments

Drum: Snare Drum Solo

Xylophone: Hey Jude

Bells: Church Bell

Tambourine: Tambourine Solo

Sorting mats for percussion with definition and pictures of 4 different instruments.

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Other Musical Instrument Resources

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