Musical Instrument Sorting Mats

This past year, Little Fish took a music class and after one of his first classes, he brought home a worksheet to sort instruments by family.  I thought this would make a great sorting mat activity, which you can download here.  We also expanded on this activity by watching videos of each type of instrument in use and Little Fish enjoyed this immensely.  Below, I have included one video for each instrument in our sorting mat activity to get you started.  Hope you enjoy!!

Clarinet: Uptown Funk 

Saxophone: All of Me

Flute: Shape of Me

Oboe: Roar

Trombone: Star Wars Imperial March

Tuba: Pirates of the Caribbean

Trumpet: Despacito

French Horn: Wake Me Up

Violin: When I Was Your Man

Guitar: Hello

Piano: What Makes You Beautiful 

Harp: Love Story

Drum: Snare Drum Solo

Xylophone: Hey Jude

Bells: Church Bell

Tambourine: Tambourine Solo






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