Musical Instrument Sorting Mats



This hands-on sorting activity is perfect for music teachers or teachers in preschools or primary grades. It will help your students learn the differences between four families of musical instruments (woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings). There are four instruments included for each family and each mat contains the main characteristics of the family. Your students will enjoy the colorful photos and you will enjoy using them over and over again.

These sorting mats are great multi-sensory tools as they target all three main learning styles. Auditory learners enjoy categorizing and sorting information. The full color photographs engage the visual learners and the hands on movement of pictures to mats will engage the tactile/kinesthetic learners. Additionally, sorting information into categories helps learners learn how to recognize patterns, which allows them to store information in their brain in an organized manner. This will aid them in their retrieval of the information when needed and help them recognize patterns when presented with new information in the future.

Check out the blog post, Musical Instrument Sorting Mats, which contains links to videos of each instrument being played.

12 pages

Pre-K, K-3rd grades


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