Musical Instrument Sorting Mats



This fun sorting activity will help your students organize the information they are learning about musical instruments!

Often children need help ‘filing’ what they are learning in the correct ‘drawers in their brains’ and building connections between the concepts they learn. This activity provides hands-on, active practice at sorting which instruments go in which musical instrument family.

Musical Instrument Families include:

  • Strings
  • Percussion
  • Brass
  • Woodwinds

A beginner level provides key characteristics of each instrument family at the top of the mats as a reminder to students. Students then match four color photos of instruments to each mat. Each card contains the name of the instrument.

The advanced level has additional matching cards for students to match the key characteristics to each instrument family.

This activity is great for centers where students can work alone or in small groups. An answer key is included so that students can self-check their work.

The sorting mats can also be used to assess what students learned at the end of a unit. They make a great assessment tool for students with disabilities that may have difficulty taking traditional tests.

For children learning at different levels you can differentiate the activity by putting out the mats for just two of the instrument families at a time. Or limit the number of cards you put out.

This resource is great for PreK through 2nd grade, multi-grade classrooms, and for older students with disabilities. It can be used in the general classroom or music class.

What others are saying:

Brenna said “My students loved using these sorting mats during our “music mania” themed week. They learned a lot about different instruments and had fun sorting them out. We even made it a race and timed who could sort them the fastest!”

Samantha said “Simple and easy activity. Kids enjoyed it. Thanks!

Check out the blog post, Musical Instrument Sorting Mats, which contains links to videos of each instrument being played.

16 pages

Pre-K, K-3rd grades


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