Author Day Unit Studies



Celebrate and learn about Dr. Seuss, William Shakespeare, and Roald Dahl during their birthday months with these fun unit studies!  They work great for a variety of ages so get the whole family involved.

Each unit study contains the following three sections:

Learn About the Author

Book suggestions, links to videos and websites, notebooking pages with answer keys, timelines, and following directions activities will provide your children with an in-depth look at each author, what inspired them, how they worked and what their personal life was like.

Explore the Author’s Books

A complete list of works is included for each author with activity suggestions for several of the books.  Activities include hands-on projects and printables.  Crossword puzzles encourage your children to recall what they learned about the books and Venn diagrams allow your children to compare and contrast different works.

Create Like the Author

At the end of each unit study, children are encouraged to draw and/or write like the author they are studying!  Links to videos and other resources as well as graphic organizers help children get started.

Grab these unit studies and have loads of fun developing reading skills, learning about history, practicing writing and drawing, and more!

115 pages

Preschool – 8th grade



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