Chemistry Vocabulary Concept of the Day Cards



Learning lots of words and concepts associated with a topic can be overwhelming.  But, these chemistry vocabulary cards make it easy!  Each day you will show your children the picture and the word for that day’s card and read the short description on the back.
The first month starts with basic vocabulary such as atom, proton, energy level, electric charge and mass. The end of month one, month two, and beginning of month three focus on better known elements such as hydrogen, carbon, gold, and their chemical families. Month three then continues with types of bonds and molecular formulas and examples of common chemical molecules. Month four covers states of matter, chemical reactions, and acids and bases.
At the end of each week, use the system provided to ‘quiz’ your children. Practicing active recall of the information will ensure your children have fully learned each of the 30 words or concepts by the end of the month.
The cards are great visuals to have displayed in your classroom.  Four months (120 cards total) are included in this bundle.
Bonus: Manipulatives to cut out and build some of the elements covered are also included. The molecule cards could also be built using a kit or with clay and toothpicks.
Note: These cards are meant to accompany a chemistry curriculum and not serve as a stand alone teaching tool.
37 pages
3rd, 4th, 5th grades


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