Weather Vocabulary Concept of the Day Cards



Learn 150 different weather vocabulary words in just five minutes a day with these fun cards.  Use as part of science lessons about weather or just for some fun learning.

Learning lots of words and concepts associated with a topic can be overwhelming.  But, these weather vocabulary cards make it easy!  Each day you will show your children the picture and the word for that day’s card and read the short description on the back.

Some days it will be a word like ‘meteorologist’, ‘anemometer’, or ‘jet stream’.  Other days you will learn about vocabulary specific to different weather events such as blizzards, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

The front of each card shows the vocabulary term along with a  picture of the vocabulary term to help students visualize what the word means.  On the back of each card is a short, but detailed summary of what the term means and how it relates to the weather.

The 3 x 3 inch Weather Vocabulary Cards are numbered for each day of the month and can be displayed in a calendar that has pockets.  Learn one vocabulary word a day for five months.

As you learn each weather vocabulary word, you may find that you want to do more research about some of the words.

At the end of each week, you can have a short, fun quiz about the vocabulary terms you learned about during the week.  What are the air currents that flow from west to east around the Earth called? What is a fire called that burns the entire length of the tree all the way to the top?  What are small, clear balls of ice called? What are low level clouds that cover the whole sky called?

The Weather Vocabulary Cards include:

General Overview of the Weather (30 cards): Weather forecasting tools, concepts such as jet stream and el niño, as well as a variety of types of weather.
Summer/Fall Weather (30 cards): Heat, humidity, drought, wildfires and hurricanes.
Winter Weather (30 cards): Freezing rain, Nor’easter, blizzard, frostbite and more.
Spring Weather (60 cards): Wind patterns, types of clouds, thunderstorms, and tornadoes.

54 pages
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grades

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