Cloud Sorting Mats



Learning about clouds is a fun science activity that relates to every day life!  This hands-on sorting activity is perfect for reviewing the different types of clouds, what their names mean and what weather they predict.

Your children will enjoy matching the photos of clouds to their corresponding information.  The cards are designed to allow children to start with smaller chunks of information.  Then, as their knowledge increases you can expand the activity.  You can prep the sorting mats and cards once and then use them over and over again to review information.

The Mats: There are two mats that group clouds by appearance, three mats that group clouds by altitude and an additional mat for rain clouds.

The Cards:  Each mat contains cards for children to match the Latin and English meanings of the cloud names and the pictures of clouds that belong in that group.  Each picture card contains the name of that specific cloud and the weather it predicts.  These can be cut apart as children become more knowledgeable for further practice.

An answer key is provided that allows children to check their own work when they are finished.

13 pages

3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades

Sorting mats are great multi-sensory tools as they target all three main learning styles. Auditory learners enjoy categorizing and sorting information. The full color photographs engage the visual learners. And, the hands on movement of pictures to mats will engage the tactile/kinesthetic learners.

Additionally, sorting information into categories helps students learn how to recognize patterns. This allows them to store information in their brain in an organized manner. When it is time to retrieve the information, they will quickly be able to do. They will also recognize patterns when presented with new information in the future.



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