Number Sense Sorting Mats



These hands on sorting mats can be used over and over for children to practice important early number relationships.
Level One will allow them to practice their subitizing skills by sorting ten frames, tally marks, abacus (or rekenrek) amounts, dot patterns, and finger patterns for each number 1-10. It will also allow them to work with part-part-whole circles to make 5, 10, and 15 on the same sorting mats.
Level Two allows children to place the correct numbers in equations to learn their addition facts through number relationships. The equations include One and Two More or Less, Doubles, Plus 10, and Make 5, 10, and 15. Ten mats are included so students can practice these relationships for the numbers 1-10.
Bonus Mats include:
Make 5, Make 10, and Make 15 so children can just focus on these concepts when desired.
Number Path so children can practice where to place numbers on a path from 1-20. By you placing some of the numbers in a different place each time, children will get lots of practice completing the path and become familiar with the sequence of numbers.
You will love that these mats can be used independently used over and over again until children understand the relationships. Cards have different shapes so they will only fit in one place on a mat helping the children self-correct. A quick teacher or peer check at the end will verify accuracy.
Or these mats can be used for a fun way to assess children’s level of knowledge of these relationships!
35 pages
Pre-K, K and 1st grades
For more information about number relationships, check out our Developing Number Sense post.


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