Independence Day | A Holiday Mini Unit Study



Learn the history of Independence Day (July 4th) and some fun ways to celebrate it in this mini unit study!  Complete with video links, book suggestions and fun activities this unit study will provide a couple hours of fun learning in your homeschool.

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Independence Day Unit Study Includes:

Links to videos: Videos about Independence Day

Book Suggestions: Books to read about July 4th.

Notebooking Page: Take notes and/or draw pictures about what you learn about July 4th.

Listening to Learn Activity: Parents read directions while children color, draw and write on a map related to Independence Day.

Declaring Independence from Britain Sequencing: Cut out , put them in the correct order, and then write in the dates.

Hands-on Activities: Make drawings, crafts and some food for July 4th.

Quiz: Assess what your children learned with a fun, short quiz.

Grades: 2nd-6th

Pages: 10 pages


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