Continent Sorting Mats



These reusable Continent Sorting Mats will help your children organize the information they are learning about the seven continents! Often children need help ‘filing’ what they are learning in the correct ‘drawers in their brains’ and building connections between the concepts they learn. This activity provides hands-on, active practice at organizing a variety of facts about the different continents.
There are seven different mats with 8-11 matching cards per mat. Some of the cards for each mat contain full color photographs.
Children will have fun sorting and matching the following information to each continent:
  • Map of the continent.
  • Biomes on the continent.
  • Civilizations that existed on the continent.
  • Additional geographic, historical, and cultural facts.
  • Country and ocean labels for the maps.
This activity is great for independent practice and/or for assessing what children learned at the end of a unit. It is also a great way to introduce each continent before learning more about it.
You can make the Continent Sorting Mats into a game by setting a timer and seeing if your children can beat the time.
Children can work alone or together. Answer key is included that students can use to self-check their work.
Differentiate the activity by putting out the mats for just two or three of the continents at a time. Or limit the types of cards you put out to just a couple categories, such as the map and biomes.
These Continent Sorting Mats are great if you are looking for more advanced details about each of the continents.
22 pages
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th


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