President and First Lady Person of the Day Cards



Learn about 46 presidents and 51 first ladies in just a few minutes a day with these fun cards!  Perfect to use around Presidents Day or as part of history lessons any time of the year.

The front of each card shows a picture of the person with their name, years of birth and death, and the number of the presidency.  On the back is a short, detailed summary of the person’s life before serving in the White House and major events that occurred during the presidency.

President and First Lady Facts You Will Learn

Which presidents served in World War II?

Which president died of food poisoning while in office?

Which first lady took over more than a year of her husband’s presidency after he had a stroke?

Which first lady had the Japanese cherry trees planted in the nation’s capital?


The 3 x 3 inch President and First Lady cards work well in a calendar display or in any other system you may choose.

Directions are included on how to introduce a president and first lady each day and then build the retention of the information presented throughout the month. You can use them at the end of the week for s short, fun review quiz.

The cards can be used as jumping off points to learn more about the person or about different events in the history of the United States.

38 pages

3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grades

These cards can also be found in our Ultimate US President bundle!

Product Cover Ultimate US President Bundle showing title and pictures of products.


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