North America Tree Sorting Mats



Need a fun, hands on activity for students to practice their tree identification skills?  This set contains sorting mats of 10 different common trees in North America, divided and color coded into sets of five.

Students will sort through the pictures with verbal descriptions and match them to each tree.  Pictures include: leaf, bark, seed, and whole tree.  Additional fact cards include a map of where the tree grows, its lifespan and height, and a description of the tree including what it is used for.

These sorting mats will challenge students to recall what they know about trees and use their critical thinking skills to fill in the information they don’t know. By using both hands as well as their language, visual and critical thinking skills, they will engage their whole brain during this activity.

An answer key is included for students to self-check their work.

Bonus fun: Set a timer and see if your child can improve their time!  Or incorporate real leaves, seeds, and bark and see if they can match them to the sorting mats.

Print and prep once and then use for years. Not only great for Arbor Day, but can be used all year as part of nature studies or biology curriculum.

26 Pages

3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades


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