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The History of Celebrating Christmas

Have you ever wondered how it came to be that we celebrate Jesus’s birthday?  From the earliest days, Christians have celebrated his resurrection, but when and how did we start to celebrate his birth?  What is the history of the Christmas holiday?

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My oldest child and I love to study history.  Now that he is getting older, I thought it would be interesting this holiday season to dig deeper into how we started celebrating Christmas.  Specifically, I wanted us to answer “How did we come to celebrate Jesus’s birth in addition to his resurrection?”  Through my research, I learned of Roman winter solstice celebrations and early medieval celebrations called midwinter, Yule, and Noel. Not to mention, the tensions throughout history over whether to and how to celebrate Christmas.

It was enlightening to learn that there has always been tension between the religious celebration of the holiday and the secularization of it.  It is not just our generation that has had to struggle with this!

To read a summary of this research that you can share with your children, head over to the Homeschooling Through the Holiday Series over at Mom For All Seasons.  You can also download a FREE, fun coloring booklet to use with your children this holiday season! You will learn  where many of our Christmas traditions originated.  I included a list of books and websites, in case you want to dig deeper.

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The Homeschooling Through the Holiday Series includes ways to make homeschooling at this challenging time of year meaningful and fun. It includes Christmas unit studies, including some favorite Christmas movies! You will also find how to teach math and science through holiday cooking, how to survive the holidays with children with special needs, ideas for Christmas crafts, traditions and gifts and much more!  Check it out all here: 2018 Homeschooling Through the Holidays Series

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