Build A Garden: A Math Project Based Learning Activity



This fun, project-based learning activity is perfect for children at a variety of math levels. It targets counting, a variety of calendar skills, area, perimeter, multiplication, division, measurement, and fractions. Reading and writing are also incorporated.
First, children choose task cards to create garden beds with graph paper. There are two levels: one for students still practicing addition and subtraction and one for students learning multiplication, perimeter and area.
Then, children choose which ‘seeds’ they would like to plant in their garden. They will use the information on the seed packet to determine how close together they can plant the seeds and how many plants will fit in each of their garden beds.
Then, children will fill in their garden zone and first and last frost dates on their planting chart. Using the information on the seed packets and a calendar, they will determine where (indoors/outdoors) and when to plant each type of seed and when they will be able to harvest the vegetables, filling in their planting chart as they go.
12 Printable ‘Seed Packets’
8 Level 1 Garden Bed Task Cards
16 Level 2 Garden Bed Task Cards
1 Planting Chart to print for each child
19 pages
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th grades


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