Veggies For Sale: A Math Project-Based Learning Activity and Game



Do your kids want to set-up a garden stand and sell veggies all while practicing their math skills? This activity has a pricing list, a sign, printable receipts, and printable veggies if you don’t have real ones. First children determine how much inventory they have and how much they are going to charge for each veggie. Then, they use this information to determine their income potential if they sell all of their inventory. Printable receipts are included so children can add up each buyer’s purchases, present them with a total and then practice handling money and making change.
Or do they want to play a game instead? The fun board game allows players to buy garden stands and sell veggies to the other players when they land on their stand. Special spaces on the board reinforce that plants need water, sun, and healthy soil to grow well.
Level one allows younger players to practice simple addition, subtraction, division and money skills. Level two allows older players to practice percentages and mental math with a greater variety of prices. Your kids will want to play this game over and over.
22 pages
K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th grades


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