US Congress Unit Study



Teach your children how Congress works and brush up on your knowledge of the legislative branch of government with this US Congress Unit Study!  Perfect for children in grades 4th through 8th with two different schedules of activities.  One for younger children and one for older children that have more background knowledge about the government.  Pick the schedule you want to follow, print and go with very little prep involved.

The Congress Unit Study is based on the following two books (the links below are affiliate links):

For Which We Stand: How Our Government Works and Why It Matters by Jeff Foster (This book is a great one to purchase and have as a reference in your home.)

What is Congress? by Jill Abramson

This Congress Unit Study leads you through what to read each day from these books with notebooking pages, videos, and additional activities.  Two online scavenger hunts have students explore different bills that have been introduced in Congress recently and the federal budget.  Writing prompts include an opinion piece and the writing of a bill.  A board game, Legislator For A Day, has players attempt to make it to the finish to have their bill passed into law while reviewing the steps involved.  Additional activities such as a timeline, a crossword puzzle, quizzes, and links to online games can be completed after the reading to review everything you have learned.  Answer keys are included.

At the end of this Congress Unit Study, students should understand the structure of our legislative branch, what its jobs are, how a bill becomes a law, and be able to give examples of past laws and other works of Congress.

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades

47 pages

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