Juneteenth Unit Study



Teach your children the history of Juneteenth also known Freedom Day or Emancipation Day!  Perfect for children in grades 3rd through 6th with a variety of activities to learn the historical context of the holiday and how it has been celebrated over the last 150+ years.

The Juneteenth Unit Study is literature-based and uses the following book. (The link below is an affiliate link.):

What Is Juneteenth? by Kirsti Jewel

Other books are suggested within the unit study for additional learning.

This Juneteenth Unit Study contains notebooking pages to complete while you read the book(s) along with an answer key to fill in information you might have missed.  Use the links provided to watch videos related to what you are learning.

Your kids can then cut and glue key events on a timeline and complete a hands-on, following directions activity. This activity will have you read a review of the historical context of Juneteenth while your children write and draw on a map of the United States.

Read and/or listen to the Emancipation Proclamation and then have your children use the copy work page to write the first paragraph of it.

Color the Juneteenth and Pan-African flags and write down what the different colors and pictures on the flags symbolize.

Have your children complete a writing prompt about what freedom means to them and fill-in a crossword puzzle to review the vocabulary they have learned.

Have your children pick an ‘every day person’ who has worked for freedom and helped keep the celebration of Juneteenth alive.  Use the biography research pages to guide your research about them.

Finish up your Juneteenth unit study with suggested ideas for creating your own celebration and a short quiz.

At the end of this Juneteenth Unit Study, your children will have a deeper understanding of freedom and will be able to explain what Juneteenth is all about and how people celebrate it.

3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades

33 Pages

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