Hummingbirds | A Summer Mini Unit Study



Learn about hummingbirds with this short unit study!  Complete with video links, book suggestions and fun activities this unit study will provide a couple hours of fun learning this summer!

*This is the tenth in a series of Summer Mini Unit Studies.  Each one will release on Sunday evening and be free for one week.  After that, the price will be $1.50.  Subscribe to our mailing list to receive an email each Sunday night with the new release!*

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The Hummingbirds Unit Study Includes:

Links to videos: A few short videos about hummingbirds.

Book Suggestions: A list of books about hummingbirds.

Notebooking Page: Take notes and/or draw pictures while you watch videos and read books about hummingbirds.

Listening to Learn Activity: Parents read directions while children color, draw and write on a picture of a hummingbird and flowers.

Hummingbird Habitat Map: Follow the directions to complete the map activity and learn where six species of hummingbirds live in the United States.

Hands-on Projects: Attract hummingbirds to your yard, experiment with feeders, practice some math, and make some art.

Quiz about Hummingbirds: Assess what your children learned with a fun, short quiz.

Grades: 2nd-6th

Pages: 11 pages


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