Watermelon | A Summer Mini Unit Study

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Learn about watermelon with this short unit study!  Complete with video links, book suggestions and fun activities this unit study will provide a couple hours of fun learning this summer!

*This is the eleventh in a series of Summer Mini Unit Studies.  Each one will release on Sunday evening and be free for one week.  After that, the price will be $1.50.  Subscribe to our mailing list to receive an email each Sunday night with the new release!*

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The Watermelon Unit Study Includes:

Links to videos: A few short videos about watermelons.

Book Suggestions: Links to a couple books about watermelons.

Notebooking Page: Take notes and/or draw pictures while you watch videos and read books about watermelons.

Listening to Learn Activity: Parents read directions while children color, draw and write on a picture of a watermelon, the vine it grows on and Africa where it originated.

Sugar Content of Foods: Learn the sugar content of honey and a variety of fruits, color in the percentage of sugar on a 100 square grid, arrange the fruits in order of sweetness and taste a few fruits and see if you can taste the difference.

Hands-on Projects: Explore a watermelon, plant a seed, draw a watermelon, and try some recipes!

Quiz about Watermelons: Assess what your children learned with a fun, short quiz.

Grades: 2nd-6th

Pages: 10 pages

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  1. Tracy Richardson (verified owner)

    We love these mini unit studies! Just the right amount of content to keep the kids engaged while exposing them to lots of different topics! And who doesn’t want to learn about delicious watermelon and then enjoy the treat yourself?!

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