Learn About the World Bundle



**This is a limited time bundle.**

As part of our Midyear Homeschool Checkup and Sale, we are offering the following two sorting mats and three Wonders of the World Unit Studies bundled together for 60% off!!  Each is appropriate for 3rd-5th grades

The unit studies teach your children about three natural wonders around the world with book and video lists, notebooking pages, timelines, following directions activities, vocabulary work, writing prompts and hands on activities.  Click on each one to learn more:

Great Barrier Reef Unit Study

The Grand Canyon Unit Study

Mt. Everest Unit Study

The reusable sorting activities help your children organize the information they are learning about biomes and the seven continents.  Often children need help ‘filing’ what they learn in the correct ‘drawers in their brains’ and building connections between the concepts they learn.

Click on each set of sorting mats below to learn more about it:

Biome Sorting Mats: Match picture, animals, plants, and vocabulary to each of 7 biomes.

Continent Sorting Mats: Match map, biomes, civilizations, and other facts to each of the 7 continents.


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