Primary Grades Sorting Mats Bundle



**This is a limited time bundle.**

As part of our Midyear Homeschool Checkup and Sale, we are offering the following five sorting mats  bundled together for 60% off!!  They cover a variety of topics and you will be able to use sorting mats from this bundle from kindergarten through at least third grade.

The reusable sorting activities help your children organize the information they are learning.  Often children need help ‘filing’ what they learn in the correct ‘drawers in their brains’ and building connections between the concepts they learn.

Click on each set of sorting mats below to learn more about it:

Four Season Sorting Mats: Match when each season begins and ends and information about the trees, plants, animals, and weather during each season.  As children mature in their development, add in the diagram showing the earth’s relationship to the sun during each season.

Mega Animal Sorting Mats: Match animals to their classification, sleeping habits, eating habits, seasonal changes and biomes.  Contains beginner and advanced levels.

Number Sense Sorting Mats: Allows PK-1st graders to practice early important number relationships.

Musical Instrument Sorting Mats: Match instruments to their family.  Beginner and advanced levels included.

Grammar Sorting Mats: Sort types of sentences, subjects and predicates, parts of speech, and types of nouns and verbs.


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