Sharks | An Animal Mini Unit Study



Learn all about sharks with this short unit study!  Complete with video links, book suggestions and fun activities this unit study will provide a couple hours of fun learning in your homeschool.

This animal unit study is part of our Ocean Creatures Mini Unit Studies Volume I.

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The Sharks Unit Study Includes:

Links to videos: A few videos about sharks that are perfect for kids.

Book Suggestions: A few book recommendations for a variety of ages.

Notebooking Page: Take notes  while you watch videos, research sites, and read books.

Listening to Learn Activity: Parents read directions while children color, draw and write on a picture of sharks in the ocean.

Great White Shark Anatomy: Study the colored poster of a shark’s anatomy.  Then complete the worksheet.

Great White Shark Life Cycle: Study the colored poster of the life cycle of a great white shark.  Then complete the worksheet.

Hands-on Activities: Complete art and science activities related to this animal.

Quiz: Assess what your children learned with a multiple choice quiz.

Grades: 1st-6th grades

Pages: 14 pages


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