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Milton Bradley FREE Unit Study

This week in our 10 Weeks of Summer Reading series we have a FREE Unit Study about Milton Bradley. Mr. Bradley was an entrepreneur and designer of games and other related products.  You will learn about his interesting life and company and have a chance to help your children develop their entrepreneurial skills!

Grab the book, sign-up to receive the FREE printable unit study and then explore the other resources below!

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The Book about Milton Bradley

The Milton Bradley unit study is based upon Who Was Milton Bradley?  This book shares Mr. Bradley’s early family history, the various business ventures he tried, a variety of games and other products he created and details about his adult life.  His entrepreneurial spirit will inspire your children!

The Milton Bradley FREE Printable Unit Study

The printable unit study includes the following:

Notebooking pages about his life.

A timeline activity to chart his life and the games he created.

Notetaking sheets, timeline, Venn diagram

A Game Design Planner with templates to create your own game.

A ‘Patent Application‘ to practice your writing and drawing while completing an application for the game (or anything else) you create.

A math activity about the profitability of starting a business, including a chart for determining how much it will cost to make the game you design and what you should sell it for.

A compare and contrast activity to compare two existing games or compare your own game to another.

Game Design planning sheet, blank game board and dice, business plan, and patent application sheets.

Play Some of Milton Bradley’s Games

After you read the book, play one of the games the Milton Bradley Company designed.  There are many games that were created over the years that are still sold today.  Below are just a few you might want to play!

The Game of Life

Mr. Bradley’s first game was the Checkered Game of Life.  The Milton Bradley Company released a new version on its 100th anniversary in 1963 and it is still popular today!

 Cootie (1927)

Candy Land (1949)

Twister (1966)

Battleship (1967)

Connect Four (1974)

In 1984, the Milton Bradley Company was purchased by Hasbro.

Solve Rebus Puzzles

One of the games Milton Bradley created were Rebus puzzles that taught people about current events or history.  Try to solve some Rebus puzzles yourself:



Make Your Own Zoetrope

Making your own zoetrope like the one Milton Bradley created is a fun, hands on project!  We made one with Tinker Crate, but I also found this video that shows you how to make one after purchasing the templates from an Etsy shop.  Or maybe you will feel inspired to make your own from scratch after watching this video!

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Milton Bradley started his business near the beginning of the Civil War and was involved in the Civil War by designing guns and making games for the troops.  If you want to learn more about the Civil War, here are some good books to get you started.


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We had fun making our own game about selling vegetables we grew in our garden.  It helps children work on their math skills!  Check it out:

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Let us know how you enjoyed this unit study and if came up with any of your own activities to go with it!