Monthly Listening Skills Packets Volume II



Eleven sets of themed listening skills packets will give you a year’s worth of activities to help your children improve their auditory memory, listening comprehension and following directions skills!

Your children will love to color and draw while they improve their listening skills.

These activities are great for children diagnosed with language or auditory processing disorders.  Or just for children who could use a little strengthening of these critical skills!

Strategies and modifications are given so that you can use the activities with a variety of ages.

Each set contains:

  1. Auditory memory practice of sentences, 4 to 11 words in length.
  2. Wh-Question practice: Children listen to a sentence and then answer 2-3 questions about it.
  3. Five sets of following directions stories for children to draw and color pictures provided.

Themes include:

Fall Hiking
Thanksgiving Dinner
Cooking for the Holidays
Valentine’s Sweets Sale
Backyard Birds
Decorating Easter Eggs
Summer Reading
Take Me Out to the Ballpark

K-6th grades



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