Monthly Preschool Following Directions



Build your preschooler’s listening and language skills with this Preschool Following Directions packet.

Language, listening, visualization and working memory skills are all part of a good foundation for learning.  And the activities in this packet help develop all of them!

The best part about these activities is your children will have FUN while building these important skills.  They will color fun pictures of objects and actions and then move around the house while following directions with those pictures. Later they will use all the vocabulary they just learned to color and draw on fun picture scenes.

There are 12 months of preschool following directions, each one with a different theme and set of vocabulary words.  And there are instructions throughout the packet to help you adapt them to the level your children need.  You can make the activities easier or harder depending on your particular situation.

Each month of the Preschool Following Directions packets contain:

  1. A set of eight pictures with simple labels for children to follow directions to color and then place around the house.
  2. A scene of related pictures with a set of following directions to color and draw on the scene.

Preschool Following Directions themes include:

January: Winter

February: Valentine’s Day

March: Backyard Birds

April: Weather

May: Horses

June: Summer

July: Beach

August: Back to School

September: Fall Apple Picking

October: Fall Festival

November: Cornucopia

December: Christmas Cookies

42 page
Ages 3-6

Have older children?  Check out:

Product cover showing six printed pages for the packet.



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