Science Vocabulary of the Day Cards Bundle



**This is a limited time bundle.**

As part of our Midyear Homeschool Checkup and Sale, we are offering the following four Vocabulary of the Day Cards  bundled together for 60% off!!  They cover a variety of science topics and start with biomes and weather in the early years, moving on to chemistry in the upper elementary grades and ending with biology in the upper elementary/middle school years.

Learning lots of words and concepts associated with a topic can be overwhelming.  But, these vocabulary cards make it easy!  Each day you will show your children the picture and the word for that day’s card and read the short description on the back.

Click on each set of vocabulary cards below to learn more about it:

Weather Vocabulary Cards: 150 cards including general terms and weather related to the different seasons.

Biome Vocabulary Cards: 210 cards covering seven different biomes.

Chemistry Vocabulary Cards: 120 cards starting with parts of an atom, continuing through different elements and finishing with acids, bases, and chemical reactions.

Biology Vocabulary Cards: The largest group of cards covering 390 different biology vocabulary concepts.



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